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Omslagsbild på boken "Mad studies, kulturarv och konst - en antologi".

Savannah Rosén's Quest for Spiritual Insights in Social Work

Meet Savannah Rosén, an ambitious and passionate student, driven to explore the depths of spirituality within the realm of social work. Currently pursuing her Master's thesis at our esteemed Department of Social Work, Savannah's captivating journey has led to a chapter in an interdisciplinary book.

An Inspiring Exploration: Unveiling Mysteries of the Human Experience

In her Master's thesis, Savannah conducts interviews with professionals from diverse fields, delving into their encounters with expanded states of consciousness, spiritual experiences, and crisis states. 

– In my thesis, I am interviewing nine individuals from different professions about how they approach what is referred to as expanded states of consciousness, spiritual experiences, and crisis states.

From Behavioral Science to Social Work

Drawing from a background in behavioral science, Savannah's decision to pursue a Master's in social work to gain a better understanding of people's contexts, structural systems, and the economic and social forces that influence them. Our department encourages students from various disciplines to enrich their perspectives and make meaningful contributions to society.

– I'm someone who wants to understand people and events from various perspectives. That's why I chose to write my thesis in social work, as the question "What have you been through and how has it affected you" is present in social theories.

Nurturing Potential: Unleashing Activism in Social Work

For aspiring activists eager to make a difference, Savannah's passion resonates deeply. With her thesis, she seeks to encourage open dialogue about spirituality in social work and human care organizations. Our programs cultivate and empower students like Savannah to embrace their unique perspectives and advocate for social change.

– With my thesis, I hope to become more of an activist. To talk more about spirituality in social work and human care organizations. I feel that we are afraid to address spirituality when someone is in distress. Often, it can be seen as a religious delusion or a form of escapism. I believe that we don't need to take a position on whether it exists or not. I want to meet people's realities from where they are right now.

Why did you decide to continue your studies?

–  I work as a counselor at a crisis center where I have processing and supportive conversations with individuals who have experienced intimate partner violence. I want to gain a better understanding of people's contexts, structural systems, and the economic and social forces that influence them. I see great value in better understanding an individual's possibilities within their surrounding environment.

Master's thesis became part of a book

Her passion led her to craft a Master's thesis, which has now become an essential chapter in an interdisciplinary book.

– My thesis supervisor was involved in publishing an anthology on Mad studies, artistic perspectives, and cultural heritage studies. Since I'm writing my thesis from the Mad studies perspective, based on people's experiences of mystical or religious encounters, the content of my thesis fits well into the book.

Unlock Your Potential: Join Savannah Rosén on her Journey

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A Global Perspective: Three International Master's Programs

As Savannah's journey exemplifies the fusion of cross-cultural perspectives, our department proudly offers three international Master's programs. Immerse yourself in an enriching global community, where collaboration with brilliant minds from around the world fosters comprehensive insights and invaluable experiences.

Studying in Gothenburg's Charming Heart

Located in the heart of Gothenburg, the peaceful and friendly neighborhood of Haga provides the perfect backdrop for your academic journey. Engage in a vibrant learning environment surrounded by captivating Swedish culture, while forging connections that last a lifetime.

Savannah with the book  "Mad studies, cultural heritage & art"
Savannah with the publication of the book "Mad studies, cultural heritage & art", where she contributed a chapter based on the content of her master's thesis.
Photo: Privat
Savannah Rosen.
Savannah Rosén works as a counselor and is currently in the final stages of her Master's thesis.

Savannah Rosén

Education: Bachelor's in behavioral science, with a bachelor's in psychology and aesthetics. Further education in relationally oriented psychotherapy.

Occupation: Counselor at a crisis center.

Currently doing: Taking advanced-level courses in social work and writing a thesis to obtain a Master's degree.

About the book and the project for "Mad studies, cultural heritage & art"

The book aims to empower individuals who have been patients within psychiatry to become important custodians of psychiatric cultural heritage.

The association Mad heritage and contemporary arts, who is behind the project, goal is to contribute to present-day learning from history and create a better present and future.

The book Mad heritage and contemporary arts
Photo: Göteborgs Stad, Kulturnatta