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Dynamics and importance of convection for precipitation in the Third Pole region: Satellite and ground-based observation versus model

Research project
Active research
Project size
2 995 000
Project period
2019 - 2022
Project owner
Department of Earth Sciences

Short description

The Third Pole (TP) refers to the Tibetan Plateau and its soourding mountain ranges. The aim of this project is to identify spatial and temporal characteristics of convection activities and its role for precipitation over the TP, and to investigate the mechanisms controlling the convection and precipitation regimes. The focus is on connections between the large-scale circulation, mesoscale convective systems and regional climate changes as controls for convection and precipitation. More specifically, the dynamics of convection and its role for precipitation during the last two decades will be studied based on satellite and ground-based observations and compared to results from model simulations. Satellite data provides a unique source of information and and effective for convection and precipitation at a high spatio-temporal resolution.