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Craniosynostosis – surgery, genetics and neuropsychology

Research project
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Institute of Clinical Sciences

Short description

The long-term goal of the project is to improve the results of surgical treatment and thereby the quality of life of the children who suffer from craniosynostosis, ie. Premature closure of the skull sutures. Furthermore, the project aims to increase knowledge about the underlying genetic changes that give rise to craniosynostosis.

The project has three main tracks:

  1. Systematic evaluation of surgical treatment and development of new surgical procedures for patients with craniosynostosis.
  2. Genetic analyzes, mainly mutation screening, of patients with craniosynostoses.
  3. Long-term follow-up of patients' intellectual and psychosocial functioning.

The project is thus multidisciplinary in order to elucidate as many aspects as possible of craniosynostosis and its treatment.

Project group

Lars Kölby

Peter Tarnow

Giovanni Maltese

Alexandra Topa

Marizela Kljajic

Madiha Bhatti Söfteland

Karin Säljö

Sara Fischer