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Vinnova funding to Astrid von Rosen


Astrid von Rosen, coordinator for the cluster Embracing the Archive/Centre for Critical Heritage Studies received funding from VINNOVA for the project Dance Archives and Digital Participation.

− We foresee interesting synergies as the project links up with the cluster’s ongoing engagement in participatory approaches to archives and archiving, and more specifically with the current Dig Where You Stand initiative, says Astrid von Rosen.

This is a collaboration between local dance communities, the Gothenburg museum, and the University of Gothenburg. Dance Archives and Digital Participation focus on dance archives and archiving in relation to digital technologies and imaginaries. By its very nature, dance poses a challenge to all types of archives, but until now the specific abilities of digital technology to represent diversity, spatiality and multisensory experiences have hardly been explored. It is thus important to survey and understand how dance practitioners understand their activity in relation to the museum’s existing solutions and archival structures. Aiming to forge innovative digital solutions that have the potential to be realizable and sustainable within a field characterized by low funding and heterogeneous grouping the research will be conducted in dialogue with the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) at UGOT, as well as international partners where a participatory approach is central such as University College London.

For further information regarding the project please contact Astrid von Rosen,