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Two doctoral studentships in Journalism, Media and Communication

The doctoral programme in Journalism, Media and Communication is open for students with a background in journalism, media and communication science.

The research at JMG mainly focuses on journalism, crisis communication, political communication, media use and media structure and also organizations and communication.

Candidates who are interested in any of the stated areas of research are particularly encouraged to apply to the doctoral programme.

Job assignments

The successful candidate is expected to devote their time primarily to the completion of obligatory course work and the writing of a doctoral dissertation. The candidate may however undertake a limited amount of teaching, administration or research not directly connected to their dissertation topic.

The aim of the doctoral studentship is for the doctoral student to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to conduct research autonomously within journalism, media and communication and to contribute to the development of knowledge within the discipline through the production of a scholarly thesis. Another aim is for the doctoral student to develop an ability to later apply the acquired knowledge and skills within post-degree research or other professional work.

The position is limited to 4 years in duration and is carried out on a full-time basis unless there are acceptable reasons to the contrary (minimum 50%). The position may include departmental duties corresponding to up to 20% of a full-time post over the course of study. If such tasks are required, the duration of the appointment will be extended accordingly.

Read more about admission to JMG's doctoral programme here. 

Link to application at Gothenburg University's site. 

Apply by 20180315.