Bild från introduktionstillfället för Handelshögskolans nystartade program

The new Bachelor's Programme in Business and Economics is now launched


Last week the first group of students started the new Bachelor’s Programme in Business and Economics. The class consists of 80 students from more than 20 countries worldwide and meets the ambition of creating an international classroom.

A great demand for international Bachelor’s programmes
When the application period closed earlier this year the Bachelor’s Programme in Business and Economics was the second most applied programme in Sweden among the international Bachelor’s programmes offered.

”As director of the new all-English version of the Bachelor’s program, I am delighted to see that the interest in this type of program is as great or even greater than we expected. The program is attractive, which can be seen by the fact that the application rate for the whole bachelor’s program has gone up significantly and with many more first-hand applicants”, says Rebecka Arman programme director.

The School has offered master’s programmes in English since the late 1990s. The launch of a bachelor’s programme fully taught in English means that international students can now be accepted at the first-cycle level, bringing opportunities for more applicants and an even more international campus.

Quality, relevance, and sustainable development
In this programme, students will learn the classic theoretical foundations, while applying the knowledge they have acquired in real-life situations. Throughout the programme, the students meet guest speakers from companies and public organisations, which provides good preparation for their future careers and the ability to contribute to a sustainable world.

Andrei Dusa from Romania is one of the students who now start studying this programme.
“I have chosen this programme because after studying marketing for one year, I realized that this path would be more suitable for me and for my goals in the future. My expectations on this programme are that it's going to allow me to have a bright career in the future as well as give me a lot of opportunities”, says Andrei.

High quality, societal relevance, and sustainability are key concepts for the programme. Students will learn to develop their analytical skills, as well as the ability to reverse perspectives, seek out new knowledge, and develop their independent thinking.

“We are pleased that we can now meet the demand from both students and employers, offering a bachelor’s programme in business and economics taught entirely in English. Swedish businesses operate in global markets to an ever-greater extent, and public sector organisations are also increasingly part of an international context, not least in cooperation with other European nations. Good language skills and the ability to act professionally in a global environment are competencies that are needed in the labor market,” says Per Cramér, Dean of the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

High level of engagement
With students from more than 20 countries from all over the world, the students immediately got to experience the international classroom.

“In the first two days, it has been my pleasure to meet the students that have extensive international experience already, and that have given me a great first impression with their high level of engagement in the classroom. We expect and will create many opportunities, for the students to continue to increase both their knowledge of business, economics, statistics, and corporate law as well as their personal and professional development. I look forward to our coming interactions in a truly international classroom and with such high achieving students.” says Rebecka Arman.


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New student Andrei Dusa about his expectations