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Success on the Job Market for New PhD:s in Economics


All Job Market Candidates in Economics have had great success on the competitive Job Market this year. Reda Moursli, Oana Borcan, and Emil Persson are enthusiastic about their new positions.

In his doctoral thesis Reda Moursli focused on empirical corporate finance. During the summer he will move to Connecticut, USA, to take on his tenure-track Assistant Professor position at Wesleyan University.

"I will primarily be conducting research in my field and teach courses in finance and econometrics. I am very excited to join the economics department at Wesleyan, which enjoys a very good reputation. My future colleagues seem to be very helpful and welcoming. I think it’s a great place to start and build my career as a junior professor", says Reda Moursli.

Oana Borcan has been recruited to the Applied Economics research group at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK. Her research is on institutions, corruption, voting, and education. And she is excited about her new position as lecturer in economics:

"It is stimulating to work in a place where you know you are going to have large added value in terms of applied economics research and teaching. I will be around people with very similar research interests. Besides, it’s great to already be on a tenure-track position which soon leads to a permanent job."

For Emil Persson the new job is closer at hand. He has begun as a researcher at the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics at Uppsala University. His research focuses on risk preferences and risk perceptions in medical decision making and related domains. Emil Persson will defend his thesis during the spring.