Stefan Ebmeyer defended his Ph.D. thesis

The work entitled “On the Origins of mobile Antibiotic Resistance Genes” was successfully defended by Stefan Ebmeyer.

Stefan Ebmeyer at CARe defended his doctoral thesis entitled “On the Origins of mobile Antibiotic Resistance Genes” on June 6th.

An interested audience followed the event via Zoom. Gery Wright, Director of the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research, McMaster University, Canada, Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences and Associate member in the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and of Pathology and Molecular Medicine was the main opponent.

Dr Ebmeyer used comparative genomic methods on the large amount of publicly available sequenced bacterial genomes in order to identify bacterial taxa from which certain ARGs have been mobilized (paper I-IV). Also, a literature review and the development of a computational pipeline to compare hundreds of genomic loci allowed him to scrutinize previously reported origins and analyze patterns among to-date identified ARG origins (paper V and VI). The work has been done under Professor Joakim Larsson's supervision at the Department of Infectious diseases, Institute of Biomedicine.



Dr. Ebmeyer's thesis is based on the following papers:

Paper I Ebmeyer S, Kristiansson E & Larsson D. G. J. PER extended-spectrum βlactamases originate from Pararheinheimera spp. Int. J. Antimicrob. Agents 53, 158–164 (2019).

Paper II Ebmeyer S, Kristiansson E & Larsson D. G. J. CMY-1/MOX-family AmpC β-lactamases MOX-1, MOX-2 and MOX-9 were mobilized independently from three Aeromonas species. J. Antimicrob. Chemother. (2019) doi:10.1093/jac/dkz025.

Paper III Ebmeyer S, Kristiansson E. & Larsson D. G. J. The mobile FOX AmpC betalactamases originated in Aeromonas allosaccharophila. Int. J. Antimicrob. Agents 54, 798–802 (2019).

Paper IV Kieffer N, Ebmeyer S & Larsson D. G. J. The Class A Carbapenemases BKC-1 and GPC-1 Both Originate from the Bacterial Genus Shinella. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 64, (2020).

Paper V Ebmeyer S, Kristiansson E & Larsson D. G. J. A framework for identifying the recent origins of mobile antibiotic resistance genes. Commun. Biol. 4, 1– 10 (2021).

Paper VI Ebmeyer S, Kristiansson E, Larsson DGJ. GEnView: A gene-centered, phylogeny-based comparative genomics pipeline for bacterial genomes and plasmids.