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New Research Vessel Launched


The new research vessel Skagerak has now been put in water for the first time, and everything seems to have worked as planned.

A few days ago, Skagerak was transferred from its construction site to another shipyard, Remontowa, aboard a barge carrier to be placed in a floating dock. Following careful inspection for leaks, draught, stability etc., the floating dock was sunk and Skagerak towed back to Nauta and moored at the shipyard’s fitting-out quay.

‘The whole operation was carried out very professionally by the contracted Polish company. The weather has been perfect, with light winds and a temperature of minus 2 degrees Celsius,’ says project manager Anders Backman.

On Saturday 17 December, Skagerak was moored portside to the Nauta shipyard’s fitting-out quay in Gdansk, Poland.

‘The transition from the barge to the supports went well and Skagerak floated on an even keel when she was towed from Remontowa back to Nauta. The draught was 3.4 metres at the bow and 2.9 metres at the stern with about 30 tonnes of ballast. No leaks were found,’ says Backman.

In a next step, all of Skagerak’s equipment, systems, furniture etc. will be installed, before the vessel is taken on several test runs, first quayside and then at sea.

‘The shipyard, subcontractors and our staff in Gdansk will work Monday to Friday throughout the holiday season,’ says Backman.