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New research project on North-South postcolonial migration


Lisa Åkesson, social anthropologist at the School of Global Studies, has received funding from the Swedish Research Council for the project Portuguese migrants in Mozambique: Postcolonialism, emotions and exchange of knowledge.

In 2008, the North Atlantic financial crisis hit Portugal with gale force, and a prolonged recession began. As a consequence, many Portuguese migrated to the former colony Mozambique in search of work and stable income.

The research project will analyse this case of North-South postcolonial migration and its potential effects for development. The overall aim is to explore the exchange of knowledge, skills and experiences between Portuguese and Mozambicans who work together, and inquire into how emotions shaped by the postcolonial encounter influence this exchange.


The Swedish Research Council is a public agency under the authority of the Ministry of Education and Research. The Swedish Research Council has a leading role in developing Swedish research of the highest scientific quality, thereby contributing to the development of society.