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New podcast on chemicals in our daily lives released

"Our chemicalized world" is the name of a new podcast from Thomas Backhaus. Here you learn about chemicals and their impacts on human health and the environment.

Just recently, a new podcast by the FRAM Director and researcher Thomas Backhaus was released, called "Our chemicalized world". The target audience is anyone who wants to know more about the use of chemicals and about avoiding them. The podcast will bring up chemical hazards, exposures, risks and safety. It is also about testing chemicals for their toxic effects, about measuring and estimating their occurrence in the human body and the environment.

Thomas Backhaus explains why starting the podcast was important to him.

– I am starting this activity in order to explore an issue that I find important for all of us, given that we are using synthetic chemicals in every part of our daily life. The problem is that chemical production and use is truly a double-edged sword. So, let’s explore the popular myths, the inconvenient facts and the science behind it.

"Our chemicalized world" is available anywhere where you find podcasts, for example on Spotify.