New associate professor contributes to increased knowledge in maritime education

Charlott Sellberg is newly appointed associate professor of applied information technology with specialisation in educational sciences. The main focus of her research is maritime education, where she is studying simulation environments, instructions and judgements.

Charlott Sellberg
Charlott Sellberg.
Photo: Peter Larsson

– In collaboration with researchers from Kalmar Maritime Academy, Linnaeus University, we are studying safety training for onboard staff. We are looking into sensory and affective aspects of emergencies and how to train to be able to cope with darkness, cold, fire, fear, and fatigue, says Charlott Sellberg.

Research with an impact on policy

Charlott Sellberg defended her dissertation in pedagogy at the University of Gothenburg in 2018 and she is now frequently quoted and published in internationally highly regarded scientific journals.

Her research has recently resulted in a direct impact since the International Maritime Organization, IMO, now is revising its policy documents on training and assessment based on her research results.

For me personally, the IMO's revision, together with the promotion to associate professor, is a confirmation that I have succeeded in both broadening and deepening my research after my dissertation. And the promotion to associate professor is also a confirmation that I have shown proof of being a competent teacher for our students, she says.

Maritime pilots' visual expertise

In addition to teaching, Charlott Sellberg also supervises doctoral students and has an assignment as Head of the Division of Learning, Communication and IT. The step to becoming an associate professor means continued and in-depth focus on understanding new educational technologies.

Together with researchers from Norway, we investigate the use of simulation in healthcare education and biomedical lab work. In another project, we look at how new technologies, such as eye-tracking, can be used to develop maritime pilots' visual expertise in a simulator environment, she says.