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Minister for Culture and Democracy on visit


Alice Bah Kuhnke and Petra Frank (Foto: Johan Wingborg)

Alice Bah Kuhnke visited the Academy of Music and Drama on Friday 26 January. In a panel discussion with Natasja Hildén, alumni and chairman of the Arts Department Student Union, Andreas Ferrada Noli, acting student, Ingrid Hedin Wahlberg, PhD student in Music Education, Catharina Bergil, Head of the Performing Arts Unit, and Head of the academy, Petra Frank, responded to cultural policy issues in a crowded concert hall.

In the end, Alice Bah Kuhnke wished the students courage for their future and gave a promise.

"It is necessary to have talent and you are talented with something very special - you are artists. To me that is the most beautiful thing one can be and it is what our society is most in need of. I hope you can fill yourselves with courage - the courage to dare. The courage to continue. And then I'll do what I can to create the conditions for you to blossom in your courage and your artistry.