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Mihaela Miroiu is our new Visiting Professor in Philosophy

MIHAELA MIROIU is Professor of Political Sciences in the Department of Political Science at the National School for Political Studies and Public Administration (NSPSA), Bucharest, Romania. She is the initiator of the first academic course in Feminist Theories in Romania (Department of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, 1994), the first MA program in Gender Studies (Department of Political Science, NSPSPA, 1998), and the first PhD program in Political Science (NSPSPA, 2000).

Her research area encompasses the fields of political theory, feminist political theories and political ethics, post-communist transition, and gender and politics. Her work is focused on illiberal democracy in Eastern Europe (“show-room democracy”) and of what she calls “room-service feminism” and “costless state feminism”. She is the author of 12 books. Among them are: Thoughts of the Shadow: Feminist Approaches in Contemporary Philosophy (1995), Convenio. On Nature, Women and Morals (1996); Backward-Looking Society, (1999); Guidelines for Promoting Equality in Higher Education (2003); The Road to Autonomy: Feminist Political Theories (2004); Priceless Women (2006) and Beyond Angels and Devils: Ethics in the Romanian Politics (2007). She edited and co-edited other 10 books, most of them on feminism, including a Feminist Lexicon (2002). Since 2000, Mihaela Miroiu is the coordinator of the Gender Studies series at the Polirom Publishing House. She has received the first National Price for her public activity against discrimination and in support of equal opportunities (2005). She is playing a very active public role as feminist and political analyst in the Romanian civil society and mass-media.

Professor Miroiu gives a seminar with the title "Can We Afford a Post-feminist Era? East European experience as a Challenge for Moral and Political Philosophers" in room T340 at FLoV May 18th.