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Master's students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship received travel scholarship to Silicon Valley


Mathilda Lund and Frida Nilsson received a travel scholarship from Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture in spring 2016. Mathilda and Frida spent one month in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, USA, to gather empirical data towards their Master’s degree project; “How two global companies co-create innovations”. Mathilda studied at the Master’s programme Innovation and Industrial Management and Frida at the Master’s programme Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship, both given at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Both Mathilda and Frida graduated from their respective programme in June 2016.

Read Mathilda and Frida’s Master’s degree project and travel report here.

Mathilda Lund and Frida Nilsson
Frida Nilsson and Mathilda Lund

A total of 43 students from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology received the Sten A Olsson Foundation scholarship 2016. A Diploma Ceremony was held for the students on 19 January at the Dicksonska Palatset in Gothenburg. Madeleine Olsson Eriksson, the chairman of the Sten A Olsson Foundation, welcomed everyone and personally handed out the diploma to all students.

The Sten A Olsson Foundation yearly assigns two millions SEK towards scholarships to master’s students during their thesis writing. During 2016 the Sten A Olsson foundation gave out 43 scholarships of 25 000 SEK each. The scholarship allows students to visit international universities and to create their own international network whilst working on a research based master thesis. The recipients of the scholarship should operate within the foundations prioritized research areas, Culture and Health as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Find out more about the Stena A Olsson Foundation here.

Group picture of all Stena Scholars

Diplomas have been handed out to the scholars of 2016, at a Diploma Ceremony at the Dicksonska Palatset in Göteborg. Here is the chairman of the Sten A Olsson Foundation, Madeleine Olsson Eriksson and Carl-Eric Hagentoft, executive member of the Foundation together with 22 out of 43 students awarded the scholarship.

Photo: Magnus Gotander