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IT-student awarded Fredrika Bremer-scholarship

IT-faculty student Zahra Saadatmand was awarded the Fredrika Bremer-förbundets scholarship. Out of 210 applicants 19 students were awarded. Zahra is originally from Iran and studying the master's programme Digital Leadership. She hopes this award can motivate and inspire other students and free-movers to be more powerful and apply for funding.

Zahra Saadatmand
Zahra Saadatmand

How much is the scholarship?

– It is 20 000 SEK. 

What do you plan to do with the money?

– I enjoy reading books about technology and self-development. In this Corona period, I do it more than before. Thus, I will spend part of the scholarship to buy books. Besides, I am a free mover student, and it will cover part of my tuition fee and living cost.

Any suggestions for other students on how to write successful applications for scholarships? 

– Writing application seems so complicated, but there are some easy and practical tips:

  • Be yourself.
  • Write simple and clear.
  • Remember that most students' scholarships don't expect you to be perfect. They are granted to support your development. Therefore, be confident in sending your application and try.
  • You will have limited words. Check the scholarship's organization and name your related accomplishments and plans. It is essential to write about your future plans.

Did you know about Fredrika Bremer before you applied for the scholarship?

– Unfortunately, I didnt know about her before. I found the scholarship in the GU site and then Ive read more about her.

  • Fredrika Bremer (1801-1865) was an author and womens rights activist,
  • Free mover is a student who arranges the studies - including application and fees - without the help from the university in the home country.