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Improvements in the Tjärnö Laboratory dining hall


In the Tjärnö Marine Laboratory dining hall, off-season progress has been made. In December the old serving counter was replaced by a modern one. In January all four of the kitchen staff were inspired to renew the vegetarian menu.

The 25 year-old serving counter with three warm-water heating compartments has now been replaced. The new counter has dispensers for several beverages. Coffee and tea is placed smarter to reduce queuing. Another improvement are four food compartments to keep food warm.

Serving counter with four food compartmentsMore warm-water heating compartments, as well as overhead heating lamps, enables more dishes to be served

– The number of vegetarians and vegans is increasing among our guests, says Anette Hansén. With more heating compartments and overhead heat lamps we can serve more dishes and of better quality. We are also happy that the refrigeration compressors are quieter than before. The meal environment and work environment are more pleasant.

The new serving counter is more easily cleaned since there are no spaces where food can get stuck or fall down. The serving counter is fastened to the floor, illuminated from below and has a large University of Gothenburg logo on the side. Anette Hansén adds:

– Not least the new serving counter is more stylish!

Mathias Karlsson and Anette HansenMathias Karlsson and Anette Hansén are pleased with the new serving counter

Inspirational course

Also, the kitchen staff attended an inspirational course at the restaurant of Gunnebo Slott och Trädgårdar outside Mölndal. The objective was to learn more about vegetarian diet now and in the future.

– It was exciting to see how they grow vegetables, bake their own bread and cook food from scratch, says Mathias Karlsson. We were encouraged to make cooking oils when we have plenty of fresh herbs, and were inspired to use fruit in main course and root-vegetables in dessert. Any day we may serve a new dessert based on an unexpected root-vegetable.

Funding was given by University of Gothenburg internal Climate Fund.

One side of the serving counterLogo on the side of the serving counter