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Gustafsson, Zaring and Bagley appointed as Broman scholars 2020


The Broman Foundation for Research and Entrepreneurship has decided to designate Erik Gustafsson, Olof Zaring and Mark Bagley as three recipients of six scholarships in 2020. Each has been awarded SEK 284 000 their respective research project.

All three are researchers at the Unit for innovation and entrepreneurship, Department of Economy and Society, School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, and at GOT KIES. The scholarships from the Broman Foundation for Research and Entrepreneurship are intended for both international researchers and ones employed at the School, and can be awarded to both younger researchers who have recently completed their doctorate and senior researchers.

Gustafsson’s project: Swedish fashion industry from a knowledge-intensive ecosystem perspective

Erik Gustafsson has received funding for the project “Knowledge-intensive ecosystems in creative industries – the case of Swedish fashion”. One part of the project is to further develop parts of his PhD project and turn this into an article format for publication in peer-reviewed journals. He will also start working on a new project that is a continuation of his previous work, but this time looking at the Swedish fashion industry from a knowledge-intensive ecosystem perspective. In doing so, he will have a clearer focus on sustainability, and the challenges and transformation that lies ahead for the fashion industry.

Zaring’s project: The significance of the theory and practice of entrepreneurship education

Image removed.Olof Zaring has received the grant to finance the project, “Entrepreneurship education: Theory, practice, perspectives”. He will in this project investigate how and why the mix of theory and practice in university-based entrepreneurship education will affect students and society in an international comparison with Sweden’s university-based entrepreneurial education programs.

Bagley’s project: Mechanisms that bring forward leaps of innovation

Mark Bagley’s project, “New paradigms of sustainable and innovation-led economic growth” introduces a model of endogenous economic growth that can be explained by an economy’s knowledge network. Specifically, I propose that economic growth is the result of an emergent network structure that is a consequence of multiple generations of firms reinforcing product knowledge and organizational routines. The aim of this project is thus a stronger understanding of the inter-firm mechanisms that bring forward leaps of innovation, as well as a better empirical explanation that lies behind much of the economic growth that has so far been unaccounted for in prior research.