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Gender Equality in the Arctic


Phase III of the Gender Equality in the Arctic project is concluded through the publishing of The Pan-Arctic Report Gender Equality in the Arctic.

Eva-Maria Svensson is the lead author of the chapter “Law and governance”. The chapter explores the political and legal obligations for public governance of the Arctic region with respect to gender equality, including special consideration of the Indigenous populations that constitute a significant portion of the population in some areas of the Arctic.

The Pan-Arctic Report: Gender Equality in the Arctic is a collaborative project involving multiple partners, authors and contributors. GEA III is a product of the Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group, and a Chairmanship project during the Icelandic Chairmanship 2019–2021.

The report pulls together material, information, and expertise to provide an overview of gender-related issues in the Arctic and contributes to filling knowledge gaps on this subject. It seeks to identify emerging issues, priorities, and concrete strategies that support gender balance and increased diversity. The primary intended audience for this report is policymakers in the Arctic region. It is a resource for those interested in gender issues in the Arctic, including Arctic inhabitants and researchers. However, a broader audience, including the private sector, will surely appreciate the relevance of the report to their work.

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Pan-Arctic Report on Gender Equality. Chapter 1: Law and Governance

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