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Fundings to research on climate change and economic growth


The Swedish Research Council announced on 3 November that the multidisciplinary project Climate Change and Economic Growth receives 8 MSEK. Economists Pelle Ahlerup and Thomas Sterner are part of the reserach group.

The overall objective of the project is to investigate how the prospects for economic growth are affected by climate change. While the set of mechanisms through which climate change may influence economic
performance is extremely large and difficult to assess comprehensively, this particular project focuses on the effects of climate change on a factor said to be crucial for the economic growth of a country, namely regime

Research team: Martin Sjöstedt (main applicant), Sverker Jagers and Aksel Sundström, Department of Policical Science; Pelle Ahlerup and Thomas Sterner, Department of Economics; and Deliang Chen, Department  of Earth Sciences.

The project period is 2017-2020.