Expansion and Diversity project: New research database launched

Expansion and Diversity project: New research database launched

"We are taking on the urgent challenge of accounting for diversity in late 20th century performing arts history. A step in the right direction is that the Expansion and Diversity project has launched its new research database", says Astrid von Rosen (CCHS Archives cluster and project leader Expansion and Diversity project).

All uploaded data is open access and the growing amount of contents and results can be explored at Combining data from digitized newspapers with new information technologies and participatory approaches to artistic practices the project explores how a more inclusive history of artistic work with independent performing arts can be created. By doing so, the project refurbishes Dig Where You Stand methodologies, which is an important CCHS Embracing the Archives cluster contribution to critical heritage studies. 

More about the project
Expansion and Diversity: Digitally mapping and exploring independent performance in Gothenburg 1965–2000 (Swedish Research Council) is led by Astrid von Rosen (PI) and Cecilia Lindhé (CI) both coordinators of the CCHS Embracing the Archives cluster. The project is part of the research program DIGARV, based on a government assignment.

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Screenshot above of the Expansion and Diversity database. ©Astrid von Rosen