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Criteria for substances of international concern - beyond 2020

With increasing e-commerce and global trade, chemicals have no borders. Therefore, international collaboration is essential. On the 24-25 February, a group of about 40 technical experts from around the world gathered in a workshop in Gothenburg to discuss criteria for substances of international concern.

In this video you get to hear five voices talking about the workshop and giving their view about international chemical management.
In order of appearance:

  • Thomas Backhaus from the University of Gothenburg, Director of the FRAM Centre.
  • Ingela Andersson from KEMI - the Swedish Chemicals Agency
  • Rikke Holmberg from the Minstry for Environment, Denmark
  • Bram Versonnen from the European Chemicals Agency
  • Andreas Prevodnik from the Swedish Society for Nature Preservation

Watch the video on Criteria for substances of international concern - beyond 2020.

The workshop "Criteria for substances of international concern - beyond 2020" was arranged on 24-25 February 2020 by the FRAM Centre together with the Swedish Chemicals Agency, and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

Link to the Swedish Chemicals Agency
Link to UNITAR