Per och Pia skriver under avtalet
Photo: Isac Lundmark

Collaboration with RISE for strengthened competitiveness


The School of Business, Economics and Law and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB have signed a framework agreement regarding collaboration within research, education and innovation. Hopefully, the agreement will contribute to strengthening knowledge and competence development and global competitiveness for both parties, and to realising the Global Goals in Agenda 2030.

- Through the agreement with RISE, we are establishing a common framework for the continued development of knowledge with high societal relevance. It is an agreement that builds reciprocity and it will strengthen the School's long-term development as an ever-stronger academy with a great commitment to society, says Per Cramér, Dean of the School of Business, Economics and Law. 

The collaboration between the School and RISE has developed since the spring of 2019. With the framework agreement, the effort to collaborate becomes clearer, which can stimulate more concrete projects and investments. 

–  Cooperation with the academy and in this case the School of Business, Economics and Law strengthens us as a research institute. Our industry-related research needs cutting-edge expertise and it is crucial for us to work interdisciplinary, which is why I am very happy that we are now further strengthening our collaboration, says Pia Sandvik, CEO RISE. 

So far, the collaboration has focused on research related to the areas of "the ocean" (marine and maritime issues), "health" (health governance) and "AI and digitisation". One goal is to write joint research applications. This was successful in the summer of 2022 when the project "Invest4Health: Mobilising novel finance models for preventive health ecosystems" with researchers in business administration was awarded funds from Horizon Europe (the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation). 

The School's undergraduate education is also strengthened by the collaboration with RISE, through guest teachers, and contact with industry-related issues and cases. The School's students can also, to a greater extent, carry out theses and other project work with RISE and thus gain an increased exchange with industry. 

The collaboration also opens the way for an expansion and coordination of commissioned training and executive education vis-à-vis business and other actors, which facilitates investments in lifelong learning. 


In recent times, globalisation has increased with enhanced international competition as a result. Both universities and research institutes are expected to compete globally. Through increased collaboration, their competitiveness increases. 

The School's mission is to create and spread knowledge, competence and solutions that benefit everyone; both individuals and society. Education that prepares the School's students for the future, research at a high international level and a close, open and well-thought-out collaboration with business and society make this possible. As a university and an acknowledged attractive partner, the School, together with others, can make a real difference for a sustainable future. 

RISE has a mission to strengthen the renewal and competitiveness of the business sector and strives to become an internationally leading research institute. RISE plays an important role in the Swedish research and innovation system, among other things by bringing together actors from different sectors and initiating cross-sector collaborations that stimulate innovation and development of new products, services and processes. Industry-wide collaborations are often a prerequisite for developing business competitiveness. Innovation occurs to an increasing extent at the intersection between different industries and disciplines.