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Chronic heart failure: less time in hospital with person-centred care


Number of days in hospital for a person with chronic heart failure is reduced by 2.5 days when treated with person-centred care. That's the result of one of GPCC's latest research findings.

- Further research in the area is vital for future solutions in health care, says Inger Ekman, Professor and Director of the GPCC.

More strength
The patient can stay more active in the everyday life. Despite shorter hospital stay the quality of life will not be affected. And the risk of being remitted won't be increased.

A need of change in the traditional health care
Person-centred care is not only morally desirable. The conclusion of the results show that a shift of working methods in care services, gives a more efficient health care with healthier patients.

The published article
The article Effects of person-centered care in patient with chronic heart failure: the PCC-HF Study is published in European Heart Journal September 15, 2011.

Words of the Editor
The editorial in European Heart Journal addresses the GPCC's research and person-centered care, Person-centered care: more than just Improving patient satisfaction?.