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Rock art, Tanum

CCHS colleague Cecilia Lindhé part of two new research projects

CCHS colleague Cecilia Lindhé is part of two projects that received funding from this year’s DIGARV-call.

Lindhé is Co-PI of Terrorism in Swedish Politics: A multimodal study of the configuration of terrorism in parliamentary debates, legislation, and policy works in Sweden 1968–2018 (funding 22 MSEK). SweTerror makes a significant contribution to the neglected study of terrorism in Sweden through a comprehensive mixed methods study of the formation and development of the political discourse on terrorism since the late 1960s to the present. Drawing on state-of-the-art language technology, the project studies all parliamentary utterances of interest. It explores and curates an exhaustive and understudied multimodal modal national cultural heritage collection of primary sources of central relevance to Swedish democracy: the audio recordings of the debates in the Swedish Parliament.

Lindhé is also project co-ordinator within another DIGARV-project: Tracing Carvers on the Rocks (18 MSEK, Johan Ling PI). This project aims to enhance our knowledge about the Bronze Age carvers. With the new opportunities that digitalization, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) approaches provide, and by combining new and old methods, we are now able to forward this research question. Through the classification of images, identification of carver or carver groups, and comparing them, the project expects to reconstruct the historical dynamics of the rock art panels, and thus, demonstrate how various carvers used and reused different locations in the landscape. Another aim is to localize centres as well as satellites of rock art production in the landscape.

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