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CARe scientist receives 3.3 MSEK in funding from the Swedish Research Council

Johan Bengtsson-Palme has been granted funding from the Swedish Research Council

Project description

The project will explore the interactions between bacteria in the human microbiome that are important for community stability and how these interactions are disturbed by antibiotics. The project will also identify environmental and genetic factors that are important for bacterial invasiveness and community stability in the human gastrointestinal tract. Within the scope of the project, model bacterial communities and experimental systems for the human stomach and intestine will be established and used to elucidate how antibiotic exposure changes the interactions in these microbial communities and their long-term stability. The project is led by Dr. Johan Bengtsson-Palme and involves collaborations with Prof. Sara Lindén, Dr. Kaisa Thorell and Prof. Ed Moore (University of Gothenburg), Prof. Jo Handelsman and Dr. Ophelia Venturelliat (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Dr. Åsa Sjöling (Karolinska Institutet).


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