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Awarded for his research


Erik Sandblom wins prestigious biology medal Erik Sandblom has won the SEB Animal Section President’s Medal.

Dr Erik Sandblom (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) has been selected as the Society for Experimental Biology (SEB)’s 2018 President’s Medallist for animal biology.

Nominated by the SEB’s membership and awarded by its Animal Section to early career researchers and academics, candidates for the medal are selected on the basis of their outstanding contribution to one of the four fields of research represented by the SEB’s four sections (SEB+, plant, cell and animal biology).

A Senior Lecturer at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, Erik’s research group has a broad ecophysiological focus examining cardiorespiratory interactions in fishes and acclimation to various environmental perturbations, including alterations in oxygen levels, temperature and salinity -many of which have relevance for understanding the impacts of global change.
“Winning the award was very exciting and a great honour. I have always viewed the President’s Medal as a prestigious prize within our field of research,” Dr Sandblom said.
“I think it (the award) shows that the research that my group and I have done over the years is highly competitive at an international level. That is very inspiring.”Dr Lynne Sneddon, Chair of the SEB animal biology section, said Dr Sandblom’s research contribution made him a deserving winner of the award.
“Dr Sandblom is a highly productive and innovative researcher within comparative physiology and ecophysiology with an outstanding track record,” Dr Sneddon said.
“He has been an active member of the SEB and is a deserving winner of the President’s Medal.”
Dr Sandblom went on to say that many of the past winners of the medal have become “world leading figures in their fields” and this inspires him to continue to pursue his research goals.
“I want to continue building my research group and develop and sustain collaborations with colleagues from around the globe to be able to keep on asking exciting and relevant questions within experimental biology and fish ecophysiology.”

Dr Erik Sandblom will receive his award on July 3 at the SEB’s 2018 Annual Meeting in Florence, Italy, where he will deliver a keynote lecture titled ‘Fish physiology in a warming world: Cardiorespiratory plasticity and implications for thermal tolerance’.