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Applied IT researcher published in top research journal

Applied IT researcher Rikard Lindgren’s paper entitled “The Dialectics of Technology Standardization” (written together with Lars Mathiassen and Ulrike Schultze) has been accepted for publication in the academic journal Management Information Systems (MIS) Quarterly.

Professor Rikard Lindgren

The paper advances a dialectic theory on the micro-processes that trigger latent tensions, socially construct salient tensions, and manage salient tensions with consequential impacts on outcomes in technology standardization. It builds on an action research study of a twelve-year Swedish initiative that developed and diffused a technology standard to facilitate integration of disparate IT systems in road haulage firms.

MIS Management Information Systems Quarterly is an online-only quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal (established in 1977) that covers both qualitative and quantitative research in management information systems and information technology. It has an impact factor of 5.43 and is the top-ranked journal in the information systems discipline.was established in 1977 and is considered a major periodical in the information systems industry, according to Wikipedia. The academic peer- reviewed journal has a high impact factor in the field of business.

The paper will be made available within soon.