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Annika Ekdahl and Tandong Yao appointed honorary doctors


Textile artist Annika Ekdahl and climate researcher Tandong Yao has been appointed honorary doctors at the Faculty of Science.

Annika EkdahlAnnika Ekdahl works as a textile artist with tapestry fabrics in large format as her artistic expression. In the years 2012-2017 she was the holder of Barbro Wingstrands visiting professorship specializing in crafts and culture craftsmanship at the Department of Conservation. Within the framework of the visiting professorship, she has engaged in development around tapestries as art, heritage and craftsmanship. Annika Ekdahl has thus contributed to the development of knowledge and research related to the bachelor's program Leadership in crafts and cultural crafts. Her base in artistic activities has been and will be of great value in developing the skills at the department. The artistic perspective on cultural and heritage-oriented activities is important and vital to a critical understanding of the preferences and value systems that ultimately governs social positions on cultural heritage content.

Tandong YaoTandong Yao is professor and director of the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research has been focused on glacier and environment on the Tibetan Plateau. He has been internationally acknowledged as one of the most accomplished scientist in cryospheric study and has been leading many research programs relating to environmental changes in the past 20 years. Tandong Yao is a close collaborator for to the Department of Earth Sciences in terms of joint research, supervision for PhD students, and research visits. He has made an important and unique contribution to development of the departments teaching and research.

Anneli Palmsköld will host Annika Ekdahl during the conferment ceremony and Deliang Chen will host Tandong Yao.

The conferment ceremony takes place on October 20. Leif Klemedtsson at the Department of Earth Sciences will be the promoter.