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Symposium on the Far Right and Social Media

Society and economy

Presentations by Stephane Baele, Lewys Brace, Samuel Merrill and Mattias Ekman on “Exploring the ‘chans’: The ‘Tarrant effect’ and other dynamics”, "Us vs. Them / Then vs. Now: Tracking Transnational Far-Right Nostalgia using Sweden Meme Templates" and "Online mobilizing and the far right: Reflections on the future".

11 Feb 2021
13:15 - 15:00

Stephane Baele, University of Exeter
Mattias Ekman, Stockholm University
Samuel Merrill, Umeå University
Lewys Brace, University of Exeter
Anton Törnberg (Discussant), University of Gothenburg
Mattias Wahlström (Chair), University of Gothenburg
Good to know
Please contact Mattias Wahlström prior to the seminar in order to receive the required password.
The Department of Sociology and Work Science.

Stephane Baele, University of Exeter
Senior Lecturer in International Relations and deputy director of the Centre for Advanced International Studies (CAIS). His research chiefly focuses on the role of language in political violence and (in)security, from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Mattias Ekman, Stockholm University
Associate Professor – Section for Journalism, Media and Communication Studies, Stockholm University. His research focus is on political communication, with an emphasis on the far right and social media.

Lewys Brace, University of Exeter
Lecturer in Data Analysis and is part of the Q-Step Centre. His research focuses on extremism, particularly online radicalisation, and the development of computational social science research methods.

Samuel Merrill, Umeå University
Research fellow at the Department of Sociology, Umeå University, specializing in digital and cultural sociology. His research interests centre on social movements, collective memory, cultural heritage and digital media.