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Norkom 2020

Society and economy

The School of Public Administration hosts Norkom 2020.

26 Nov 2020 - 28 Nov 2020
Online (Zoom)
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Registration deadline
13 November 2020

Good to know
This is an online conference using Zoom. The conference is free of charge.
School of Public Administration

The Nordic Municipal Research Conference, NORKOM 2020

Welcome to the twenty-ninth Nordic Municipal Research Conference (NORKOM XXIX), organized by the School of Public Administration in November 26th to 28th, 2020. This year’s conference will be given in digital format.

Photo: Henrik Sandgren

In 1992 the collaboration was initiated, that came to form the basis for the the Nordic Municipal Research Association (NORKOM), which was founded in 2014. The aim of NORKOM is to gather municipal researchers and others, who are interested in research about municipalities, in order to increase and disseminate the knowledge about municipalities, municipal politics and – administration in the Nordic countries, in Nordic languages. The network annually gather the last weekend of November, in order to broaden and enhance the Nordic dimension.

The School of Public Administration at Göteborg University invite to the XXIX Nordic Municipal Research Conference 2020. Expected participants are researchers and PhD students in public administration and related disciplines with an interest for municipal and regional issues, and state-local relations.

Due to the COVID-situation, the conference will be organised in digital format. We take the secure before the insecure, and wish for the best. We also hope to reach out to more disciplines, more universities and young researchers in this way. Plenary sessions, working groups and social activities will take place in digital form this year. Take notice on upcoming instructions in this regard.

The conference is arranged according to the traditional format, with an emphasis on presentations and discussions of papers. The conference language is primarily Scandinavian (Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian or Swedish), but workgroups will adapt to English when international guests are participating. Some years international guests form their own workgroup. Papers and presentations can be written in Scandinavian as well as in English language.


The workgroups will form thematically based on the Abstracts received upon signing-up. Your work-group will be published on the conference website November 19th.

Frequent themes that often occur at the NORKOM conferences are: local and regional democracy; local management, organisation and governance; multi-level governance, structural reforms and the Nordic model(s), municipal fiscal management and evaluation, sustainable governance, etc, etc.

NORKOM also welcomes entirely new themes, as for example the municipalities and the Corona crisis.

Important dates

  • 3rd of September: Invitation to digital NORKOM 2020
  • 13th of November: Last day for Signing up and Abstract registration for NORKOM 2020 participation
  • 19th of November: The workgroups will be published on this NORKOM 2020 website
  • 26th of November, NORKOM 2020 opens
  • 27th of November, 15:30-15:45, Year Meeting of NORKOM Assembly

A warm welcome to NORKOM XXIX in November!

Read more about NORKOM here.