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Cultural Studies Seminar series: Classics and Contemporaries

Culture and languages

In the autumn of 2020, we will start a Cultural Studies seminar series called Classics and Contemporary. The aim is to create a seminar series that can work long-term to further develop our disciplines local profile.

28 Sep 2020
14:00 - 16:00
On Zoom (email to get Zoom link)

Catharina Thörn
Good to know
Where: On Zoom (email to get Zoom link)
Language: Swedish or English depending on participants
Department of cultural sciences

We will have seminars where we read theoretical texts - which can both be classics - here it can be mentioned that our circle about Marx will continue - and contemporary theorists. But we will also deepen our research profile: transformation of the city and an increasingly precarious labor market. These two themes will also be woven together - how the city that is being developed now presupposes a low-paid and flexible workforce.


The first seminar of the autumn will be theoretical. We read excerpts from Raymond Williams' classic Keywords along with the book Keywords. The New Language of Capitalism by John Patrick Leary (2019) Haymarket books.