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Max Lyles

About Max Lyles

I have taught law since 1997, and currently teach the following subjects: legal history, jurisprudence and legal theory, comparative law, and private law (contracts and torts).


My main area of research is the history of legal science and jurisprudence, especially the Uppsala School of jurisprudence, a.k.a. Scandinavian legal realism. (See A Call for Scientific Purity: Axel Hägerström’s Critique of Legal Science, 2006.) Apart from studies into the history of general jurisprudence and the history of legal science i have investigated the status of customary law in Swedish law and jurisprudence and the relationship between general principles and doctrines of law and the genesis of various legal institutions of private law [rättsinstitut].

Since 2016 I am a scientific advisor to the Olin Foundation for Legal History.

For a full list of publications, including texts, see:

Administrative posts

Director of Post Graduate Studies, Department of Law, Gothenburg University (2018 - )

Member of the Olin Foundation for Legal History's Scientific Advisory Board (2016 - )

Director of Law Program, Örebro University, 2012-2013.

Director of Division at the School of Law, Örebro University, 2013-2016.

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Research areas

  • Legal History
  • Jurisprudence

Teaching areas

  • Legal History
  • Jurisprudence
  • Comparative Law
  • Private Law

Selected publications

A Call for Scientific Purity
Lyles, Max

Ekonomisk kris, avtalsfrihet och avbetalningsköpets födelse
Lyles, Max
Rätten i den ekonomiska krisen, Uppsala : Iustus förlag, s. 13-42, 2011

Sedvanas omvandling till lag och rätt
Lyles, Max
De lege, 2011 \, Rätten och rättsfamiljer i ett föränderligt samhälle - rättshistoriskt och komparativt : vänbok till Rolf Nygren, Iustus förlag, s. 287-304, 2011

Tradition, conviction and necessity
Lyles, Max
Rättshistoriska studier, 25 \, Rechtswissenschaft als juristische Doktrin : ein Rechtshistorisches Seminar in Stockholm 29. bis 30. Mai 2009, Stockholm : Institutet för rättshistorisk forskning, s. 161-179, 2011