Maria Sjögren

Doctoral Student

Journalism Media and Communication
Visiting address
Seminariegatan 1 b
41313 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 710
40530 Göteborg

About Maria Sjögren

Started as a PhD student in September 2015 and did before then work at the city of Gothenburg with citizen dialogue issues. Master degree in strategic communication from Lund university.

Research Areas

Political communication and participation, with a specific interest in public participation and deliberative democracy practices.

Discourse analysis and analysis of naturally occurring talk. Also strategic communication and organizational communication.  

Current Research Project

The working title of the dissertation is ”The Discursive Construction of Citizen Dialogues” and it regards citizen dialogues as communicative and social practices. I am interested in how they are planned and structured as well as how meaning and knowledge about them is constructed in communication and interaction among participating actors.

Completed Research Project



Currently teaching at the courses ”Perspektiv på medier och kommunikation”, ”Strategisk kommunikation” and ”Analys av medier, organisationer och opinioner.”



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