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Fredrik Nyberg

Senior Lecturer

The Film, Photography and Literary Composition
Visiting address
Storgatan 43
41138 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 131
40530 Göteborg

About Fredrik Nyberg

Fredrik Nyberg’s dissertation project comprises a theoretical and arts- and practice-based investigation of the acoustic forms of expression found in poetry. The aspects examined within the framework of this project include the following: the qualities and the rhythm of a poem, together with the way a poem sounds, as governing principles during the course of the writing process; the relationship between text as a printed manifestation and text as sound waves in a room. The dissertation addresses the “voice of a poem”, that is, how the phonetic alphabet can sound in a poetic discourse. The introductory chapter deals with poems read aloud, while the following chapters address the theme of sound strategies in poetry. These two chapters reflect two of the different sonorous and sometimes somewhat contradictory manifestations of poetry. The third and final chapter is based on two artistic works: the CD ADSR and the collection of poems Becoming firewood  – both of which aim at analysing the basic question of how a poem sounds.