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Daniel Hult

Senior Lecturer

Department of
Visiting address
Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 650
40530 Göteborg

About Daniel Hult

My research interests mainly concerns regulatory issues and energy markets, especially from a private law perspective. Regulation as a research field is concerned with the effects of law on and in society and is, therefore, inter-disciplinary to its character. I am primarily interested in legislation from an instrumental perspective, i.e. legislation viewed as a regulatory tool to steer society and its actors. This perspective is used to study legislation both in its own right and in relation to other kinds of regulatory tools, e.g. self-regulation.

In my doctoral thesis, I analyze the possibility of using legislation to create trust. More particular, I analyze the Swedish regulation of the contractual relation between district heating companies and their customers with the purpose of evaluating if the regulation can be deemed to increase trust between the contracting parties.

Currently I am designing a research project concerning the Swedish electricity market. The electricity market can, from a legal perspective, be described as several different actors linked together via regulated contracts into a system of physical (electricity) and economic (money) flows. The purpose of the project is to analyze how these contracts are regulated through legislation and other tools of legal regulation.

When it comes to teaching, I teach various private law subjects, for instance contract law, real estate law, property law, and transport law. In the course of time, I hope to have the possibility to run a course in regulation.

Research areas

  • Regulation
  • Contract Law
  • Energy markets

Research in progress

  • Balanserade termiska nät, nydanande småskalig energidelning - rättsliga och ekonomiska förutsättningar, 2019-01 - 2020-12
  • Elmarknadens rättsliga reglering, 2017-01 - 2020-12

Teaching areas

  • Private Law

Selected publications

Lagstiftnings ändamålsenlighet – En regleringsteoretisk utvärdering av fjärrvärmelagens potential att skapa förtroende
Hult, Daniel

Hult, Daniel

Mötet mellan civilrättslig avtalsfrihet och offentligrättslig tillsyn över avtalets innehåll på fjärrvärmemarknaden
Hult, Daniel
Skrifter från juridiska institutionen vid Umeå universitet, 23 \, Den nordiska välfärden och marknaden : Nordiska erfarenheter av tjänster av allmänt intresse i en EU-rättslig kontext, Uppsala : Iustus Förlag AB, s. 189-215, 2011

Fjärrvärmelagens disposivitet i förhållande till näringsidkare
Hult, Daniel
Fjärrsynsrapport ; 2009:23 \, 2009

Creating trust by means of legislation – a conceptual analysis and critical discussion
Hult, Daniel
Theory and Practice of Legislation, 6:1, s. 1-23, 2018