Bent Jörgensen

Senior Lecturer

School of Global
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About Bent Jörgensen

Academically and professional, I have worked with education, research and consultancy within Peace and Development Research. More particularly, I have worked with poverty and marginalisation in Vietnam and India. At the University of Gothenburg, I have had positions as Internationalisation advisor with responsibility for Asia and as Director of Study in Peace and Development Studies for four years. I have written and taught on History, Ethnicity, Nationalism, Regionalism and Identity in South and Southeast Asia. During recent years, I have primarily done research on local governance and marginalisation in Vietnam.

Areas of interestIn recent years, the main area of interest in consultancy as well as research has been within the field of local socio-economic and socio-political development. The studies have focused on poverty alleviation, democratic decentralization, and good governance in local communities. They have analyzed and evaluated resource flows in a broad sense, education, agricultural and forest extension, saving and credit schemes, performance of local institutions, community participation in local decision-making, and local monitoring and evaluation of development interventions. The bulk of the studies have been village studies carried out in close collaboration with authorities, local communities, and the civil society. An ongoing project involves track two diplomacy in the Lancang-Mekong river basin in which the civil society was brought into the policymaker dialogue. We have thereby created a platform for informal dialogue among regional policymakers in the region.

Current researchWe are currently collaborating with Hanoi University on a research program on “Local Democracy, Ten Years After.” Vietnam has for more than a decade carried our local democracy reforms that in different ways are supposed to increase public participation, transparency and institutional accountability. The reforms have been heavily criticized for being insufficient or even counterproductive. This research program focuses on options for civic engagement in the Vietnamese society that are not normally recognized in the literature. It is first of all based on small scale case studies. Since 2009, I have frequently been a guest scholar at Hanoi University.

Teaching and tutoringSince 1987 I have been lecturing at BA main courses in International Relations and Development Studies. In recent years there has been a slight turn towards the latter, especially after my appointment as Director of Study of Development Studies in the academic year 1991-92, 1998, and 2007-2009. The subjects have varied from Third World History, Identity and Politics, Development Corporation/ Development Aid, and Field Method (on the spot courses in Zimbabwe and India). From 1998 to 2001, I was responsible for Padrigu’s Masters Course in Development and International Cooperation at Sida-Sandö. Since 1999, I have been responsible for field method courses in Zimbabwe, India and Vietnam for Swedish, International and lately Vietnamese students.