Bild från forskningsprojektet Border play(spaces.

Border play(spaces). Unforeseen spatial and temporal aspects of play, through the lens of design.

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HDK-Valand – Högskolan för konst och design

Kort beskrivning

Border play(spaces) is an inquiry into the spatial and temporal aspects of children’s
playspaces at the borders of Europe. The thesis inquiries how are these playspaces are designed, produced, performed, and challenged spatially and temporally.
More specifically, it aims to investigate the spatial and temporal play forms that are produced by the “hotspot approach”, and how these playspaces and play instances contribute to the shaping of the border zones. Drawing upon theories and concepts from design studies, critical border studies, critical geographies, architecture, humanitarian studies and critical childhood studies, the thesis aims to develop an interdisciplinary frame when analysing the spatial and temporal aspects of the production of playspaces on the south-eastern borders of Europe.