University of Gothenburg

Safety and Health Integrated care Partnership, SHIP

The Safety and Health Integrated care Partnership (SHIP) is an in-depth research collaboration between Södra Älvsborg Hospital, Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg. The research focuses on three areas: care environments, patient safety and integrated, close care.

The SHIP collaboration aims to create, within defined areas, an excellent research environment that provides the conditions for a high quality healthcare , evidence-based healthcare environments and attractive workplaces. The goal is to generate new knowledge to obtain more efficient care, better health and optimal resource utilization. The focus is on creating continuous methods rather than single point efforts in order to achieve long-term improvements for patients, raise competencies and have an effective translation of knowledge between academia and hospitals.

Challenge-driven research 

SHIP is a regional network that focuses on sustainability, innovation and healthcare, and where academia is included as one of several actors. The collaboration is based on geographical proximity between the collaborating parties and the purpose is to coordinate the development resources that are invested within the region in order to bring about an increased capacity for innovation and greater effects of the efforts