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The internationalization process of Swedish firms - Resource and capability development

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Centre for Retailing, School of Business, Economics and Law

The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council

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In recent years, the trend has been that even small and medium-sized Swedish fashion company invests internationally - many while they are still relatively new to the market. The domestic market is too small and the competition is fierce so to grow firms invest abroad.

Internationalization requires a lot of  the company that invests and a neglected area in terms of research is what happens internally in the company. Many companies fail in their quest to grow; a third of fashion companies do not retain three years after they started, and after seven years, more than half have disappeared from the market.


Katarina Hamberg Lagerström, professor business administration
Marissa Ekdahl, doctoral student business administration


Resource Base Change and Development during the Internationalization Process: The Case of a Swedish Fashion Firm Thesis Marissa Ekdahl

Internal changes during the internationalization process of a SME Fashion Firm” Ekdahl och Lagerström (2012), i Nordic Retail Research: Emerging diversity. Johan Hagberg, Ulrika Holmberg, Malin Sundström, Lars Walter (red). Bokförlaget BAS.