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Online medical records with patient access: How do they affect doctors' practice, profession and patient relations?

Research project
Pågående forskning
Project size
4 400 000
Project period
2017 - ongoing
Project owner
Department of Sociology and Work Science

Short description

There are significant hopes that the digitalization of working life will lead to several positive consequences for society and the public sector. For example, the Swedish Digitalization Commission argues that digitalization will be able to “streamline the public sector”, provide "better welfare services”, “facilitate audits” and “give citizens increased participation in decision-making and processes”. However, the promises of increased transparency, control and citizen participation have started to create tensions amongst professionals, experiencing challenges to their professional status.
To study such tensions this project investigates how one of the classic professions – medical doctors – respond to recent developments in Sweden whereby patients now have the possibility to read their medical records online.

Project members

Jesper Petersson, project leader

Christel Backman