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Mucus and mucins in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts

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The Mucin Biology Groups were started by Professor Gunnar C. Hansson with the aim of expanding knowledge of mucus and mucins in relation to diseases of the intestine and respiratory tract. Their major discoveries are that an attached dense mucus layer separates colonic bacteria from the epithelium and that the lungs are normally cleaned by sweeping the tracheobronchial surface by thick mucus bundles. Upon lung diseases, the respiratory mucus is altered and mimics colonic mucus.

The Mucin Biology Groups now consists of a number of independent group leaders with their own funding, but still maintain close collaborations, common equipment, and newly renovated premises. All this in the ambition to maintain an international leading edge position in the area.


For updated information, use the official homepage including the widely utilized Mucin Sequence Database:

The Sahlgrenska Academy Mucin Biology Group

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