Hand holding a couple of Pacific oysters
The DynamO project aims to develop a dynamic management model that can be used by authorities to manage the invasive but also commercially valuable Pacific oyster, Magallana gigas, in Sweden.
Photo: Pierre De Wit

DynamO – Dynamic managment of Pacific oyster

Research project
Active research
Project size
4 000 000
Project period
2021 - 2024
Project owner
Department of Marine Sciences

Short description

The Pacific oyster, Magallana gigas, is an invasive species that became established in Sweden in 2006. The species is well distributed in Bohuslän but has also spread further south along the west coast. The goal of the project is to facilitate the management of marine invasive alien species that have commercial value. In the work package that GU is responsible for, we investigate how reproductive tolerance and dispersal potential of Pacific oysters are affected by different salinities. We do this through experiments where we look at reproductive success and adaptability in different salinities in oysters of different origins, in order to predict whether this species will be able to expand into the Baltic Sea. In addition to experiments, the work includes oceanographic dispersion modelling to identify areas at high risk of invasion.

GU-researchers in the project

Pierre De Wit, Researcher at Department of Marine Sciences

Jon Havenhand, Researcher at Department of Marine Sciences

Göran Broström, Professor at Department of Marine Sciences

Alexandra Kinnby, Postdoctor at Department of Marine Sciences