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Diets for sale - a study of the stores' sales of diet food

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Inactive research
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Centre for Retailing, School of Business, Economics and Law

The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council

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Consumers who for various reasons are following some kind of diet is today a large group. Although diet products are important for consumers and interesting for the food trade, there are currently little research on how trade works with these products and what the consequences are for the people's conditions to keep the diet.

Two studies with different perspectives will be made. Partly on how supermarkets work with products that are linked to different diets by making interviews with store employees, making observations in the shop and collect marketing materials. And through interviews with consumers who follow a particular diet and capture their stories, for example the role that trade plays for the consumer to maintain the diet.

The results of the project can contribute with knowledge on how the stores work can be improved, but also with knowledge of the obstacles and opportunities in people's everyday lives that affect their diet and health.


Maria Fuentes, researcher business administration


Christian Fuentes & Maria Fuentes (2017) Making a market for alternatives: marketing devices and the qualification of a vegan milk substitute, Journal of Marketing Management, 33:7-8, 529-555