Development of stakeholder collaboration linked to the TRAST tool (Traffic for an Attractive City)

Research project
Active research
Project period
2020 - 2022
Project owner
Centre for Retailing, Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Economics and Law


Short description

The challenges of modern city development are a common task for several actors. Accessibility and traffic solutions are crucial factors for the development of sustainable cities. In order to reach good solutions, collaboration between different actors in the city is required - municipality, property owners, trade, the hospitality industry, cultural life and other businesses. Collaborating can be a challenge, especially when actors can have different perspectives, preferences and conditions. With increased knowledge, this project aims to form a developed platform for collaboration and knowledge transfer to relevant actors with direct or indirect interest in the development of the city. The School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University together with Svenska Stadskärnor want to develop and find a common platform for collaboration on the city's accessibility and traffic solution. Swedish city centers, together with members of the organisation's Research Council, have initially contributed to the presentation of a model for implementing TRAST in Swedish municipalities. A model that in future projects forms the basis for the research work.


Martin Öberg (projektledare)
Inger Alfredsson, nationell samordnare, Svenska Stadskärnor
Tomas Kruth, expert stadsutveckling, Svenska Stadskärnor
Erika Braun, kommunikatör, Svenska Stadskärnor
Lena Smidfelt Rosqvist forskningschef, Trivector Traffic