Bild av André Alves 2015
Photo: André Alves

A never-ending thirst - performing imaginaries beyond the ‘productive’ worker

Research project
Active research
Project period
2016 - 2021
Project owner
HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design

Short description

The dissertation work currently titled "A never-ending thirst: performing imaginaries beyond the ‘productive’ worker" discusses the contemporary relationship of subjects with work in cognitive capitalism and subsequent affectations arising from it by deploying artistic ‘pedagogies of affection’ and methods of ‘co-motion’ within the exhibition as a research format to enhance vulnerability (understood here as a sensorial-conceptual rehabilitation of the forms of separateness) as a critical-affective approach to modes of existence oriented to the market.

“A never-ending thirst” discusses how the fiction of self-sufficiency resulting from the identification of the subject with productivity and efficacy required by the modernity-capitalist mindset led to the political destruction of the collective unfolding.