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Workshop on the dynamics of graduate education in terms of labour markets and human capital


On May 7-8, the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Gothenburg organized the workshop “Graduate Education & its use in science and business: European Perspective”. Researchers including both leading scholars and PhD students from Italy, Germany, UK and Sweden, presented on-going work and papers, based on both large-scale databases and surveys as well as in-depth case studies.

The workshop is important as it brings together a selected group of researchers to discuss and debate current research on the topic of graduate education and its use in science and business, and from different European perspectives. It also provides PhD students and postdoctoral scholars the opportunity to present their ongoing research to a highly qualified audience.

Workshop delegates

The projects and papers addressed issues related to mobility, academic engagement with industry, commercialization, labour market dynamics between countries, and knowledge transmission to industry, with a focus on early career researchers such as Masters, PhD students, industrial PhD students, and post-doctoral scholars.

- Understanding the dynamics of graduate education in terms of labour markets and human capital is crucial for understanding where we are going and what it might mean for the future of academic work and research. Moreover, it is highly relevant for policy makers to understand the changing landscape and patterns of interaction between higher education, industry and the public sector. This conference tackles these challenges and has been a great exercise in bringing together diverse scholars to critically discuss a crucial issue, says Ethan Gifford, Senior Lecturer, University of Gothenburg, who was one of the workshop participants.

Mark Bagley, Guido Buenstorf and Maureen McKelvey organized the workshop, with support of McKelvey's Swedish Research Council Distinguished Professor Program.

Workshop program

Download the workshop programme here.