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Western Sweden EU-Conference

The 17th annual Western Sweden EU-Conference has recently taken place in Gothenburg. This is an opportunity for civil servants and locals involved in regional development in western Sweden to gain an understanding of the overall European perspective. This year's conference was held October 3-4 at Lindholmen Conference Center in Gothenburg.

The theme of the conference was 'How can we achieve climate neutrality in western Sweden?' The EU-Commission would like Europe to be climate neutral by the year 2050. What role does western Sweden have in this? How does the EU's strategies work together with national, regional and local goals? How can western Sweden lead the development toward climate neutrality in Europe?

In order to learn more about these issues, the conference included presentations from leading experts on the areas of the climate and the EU.

CERGU researchers Klas Grinell, Linda Berg, Olof Larsson and Thomas Erhag took part.