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The final conference of the project Maritime development in Bohuslän


The final conference of the project Maritim Utveckling I Bohuslän (MUB, in English Maritime development in Bohuslän) took place at TanumStrand on the 11th of October 2019.

The project has engaged actors from private and public sectors as well as academia, including four researchers from Centre for Tourism: Eva Maria Jernsand, Tommy D Andersson, Helena Kraff and Maria Persson. The conference covered presentations and panel discussions on event strategies, knowledge/science tourism, guest harbor networks, archipelago transportation, innovation arenas for tourism and marine food. A very appreciated lunch buffet on oysters, algues and other seafood in various forms were served to the 85 participants.

11 reports from the MUB project, of which four were written by CFT researchers, can be found here: