Talmannen Andreas Norlén och Sören Holmberg
Photo: Anders Löwdin/Sveriges riksdag

Sören Holmberg receives the Riksdag medal


The Speaker of the Swedish Riksdag, Andreas Norlén, has awarded Senior Professor Sören Holmberg the Swedish Riksdag's medal of the twelfth size for extremely meritorious contributions to the Riksdag.

The motivation:

“Sören Holmberg has made extraordinary contributions to the Riksdag through a life's work as a political science researcher, during which he led the Election Research Programme at the University of Gothenburg for decades, a programme that – not least through the recurring Riksdag survey –produced knowledge about the elections, the Riksdag and its members that is internationally unique.”

“I am the first to receive a medal without connection to the Riksdag, and the only one who received a medal in the twelfth size this time. I am very honored", says Sören Holmberg.

Sören Holmberg received the medal from the Speaker of the Riksdag Andreas Norlén during a ceremony in the Riksdag on the third of June.

“It was very solemn with flags and a trumpet fanfare and a nice lunch afterwards in the Riksdag's dining hall.”

It is the Speaker who may decide to award the Riksdag medal to members who leave the Riksdag. The medal may also be given to other than members for contributions to the Riksdag. For particularly deserving contributions, the medal in the eighth size is awarded. For extremely deserving contributions, the medal in the twelfth size is awarded.